Jernej Trnkoczy is an internationally recognized amateur photographer from Slovenia, Europe. Professionally he is an engineer, holding a M.Sc. degree in electrical engineering, but at the same time, or maybe even because of that, he is deeply impressed by the natural beauty. Photography has been his passion from 2006 when, as a replacement for his sports activities due to a sport injury, he bought his first digital camera. His love of the nature coupled with a never-ending desire to explore took him and his camera to numerous adventures on the remotest places around world. His enthusiasm for enjoying and connecting to the nature, experiencing it’s magic moments and capturing these rare transient moments of perfect natural beauty are inextricably linked. It is therefore not a coincidence that his main interest represents landscape and nature photography with unique atmospheres, early morning light and dramatic evenings, possibly in wild, unspoiled natural environment.
With his work he has won many national and international photography awards. His work was displayed at numerous international saloons and he had several solo exhibitions in Slovenia. Currently he holds the Candidate for Master of Photography title by Photo association of Slovenia (FZS). He is a member of Photo Club Ljubljana.


The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness. ~ John Muir

Jernej Trnkoczy resting on a trekking below Mt. Fitz Roy and Mt. Cerro Torre (in the clouds).

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